Volunteer Opportunities


The Visual Arts Guild has executive board positions that typically operate throughout the school year. If you are looking for a shorter commitment, we have many committees that need chairs and committee members. Check out the information below and then fill out an interest form



  • President or Co-President: Presides at regular meetings and oversees operations of VA Guild and its committees; works closely with faculty, PTSA and other guild presidents; year round; attends regular guild meetings
  • Treasurer: Administers VA Guild funds, assists with creating VA Guild budget and is responsible for financial reporting; an accounting background is helpful; year round; attends regular guild meetings; provides regular treasurer reports; helps with any required annual filings
  • Treasurer Elect: Shadows treasurer for one year to prepare for role as treasurer; year round
  • Secretary: Records and distributes minutes of the guild meetings; year round; attends regular guild meetings; provides minutes prior to each meeting

Student Support: Utilizes multiple committees to support student programs including senior headshots, senior scholarship, senior awards dinner, senior showcase, portfolio day and Young American Talent (YAT)

  • Student Support Chair: Work with guild officers and committee chairs to oversee student support committees; year round; attends regular guild meetings
  • Senior Scholarship (April - May): Updates student application form, email student submissions and rubric to jurors; if available, presents scholarship awards during senior awards dinner; available to 9th-11th grade parents only; 2-4 meetings in April and May; scholarships awarded at senior dinner in May
  • Senior Showcase (September-November):
    Supervises two-day, on-campus events as part of weeklong Showcase for all BTW seniors; recruits volunteers; coordinates meals, hospitality and snacks for all reps, faculty and seniors; coordinates gifts bags; manages food deliveries and donations; 4-6 planning meetings beginning in August; 1-3 day in-person event in November
  • Young American Talent (April-May): Full-year position with bulk of work October-March and on-campus reception in May; follows established protocols to manage student submissions, coordinate with jurors and set up the awards ceremony
  • Portfolio Day (September): Supervises all-day, on-campus event where college reps review junior and senior student portfolios; sets up and takes down gallery; compiles rep gift bags; coordinates meals, snacks and hospitality; 2-4 planning meetings in the fall; in-person event in September
  • Visual Arts Market (March): Work with faculty to coordinate the annual Visual Arts Market, typically one day in March; help with promotion prior to the event and logistics the day of; help coordinate volunteers to sell merchandise; serve as point of contact for questions from students and public; 1-2 meetings in January-February; 1-day in-person event in March
  • Senior Headshots (August): Works with photographer and seniors on senior registration day in August to take payments; helps supervise and coordinate appointments on picture day; arranges additional make-up days as needed; in-person commitment 1-2 days in August
  • Senior Awards Dinner (April - May): Oversee the guild's celebratory dinner and awards ceremony for graduates and their families; coordinate the venue; make dinner arrangements; provide decorations; organize gift bags for seniors; purchase end-of-year gifts for faculty; 4-6 planning meetings in April and May; 1-night event in May
  • Audition Support (January-February): Provide on-campus support for two auditions days in January/February; monitor tables; direct students; re-stock snacks and waters; no meetings needed; 1-2 full Saturdays on campus

Fundraising: Responsible for coordinating 2-3 fundraisers that raise money for the guild in support of the students and faculty, including North Texas Giving Day in September and Young American Talent; finds outside sponsorships from individuals or corporations for YAT; works with VA faculty on spring student fundraiser; works with merchandise committee

  • Fundraising Chair: Work with guild officers and committee chairs to oversee fundraising committees; year round; attends regular guild meetings
  • Merchandise: Utilizes sign ups to recruit volunteers to sell merchandise during campus events including registration week and I Am Booker T Day; oversees merchandise store on website; orders new inventory from established vendors; coordinates merchandise pick ups; year round; organizes, attends or supervises multiple in-person merchandise sales throughout the year
  • Sponsorships: Solicits 4-6 sponsorships from the community; coordinates recognition in newsletter and website; year round; in-person events or meetings only as needed
  • North Texas Giving Day (September): Coordinates online campaign for North Texas Giving Day; works with faculty and students to obtain testimonials; helps students and parents create individual campaigns; 2-4 planning meetings in the fall; availability during the week prior to NTXGD and on the day of the event (typically the last week in September) to provide continuous promotion and monitor donations; follow up with donors after the event

Hospitality: Coordinates teacher appreciation events including back-to-school faculty breakfast and teacher appreciation week events in May; coordinates 10-12 gallery receptions; organizes 2-3 social events for guild members; coordinates Booker T Angels school-wide holiday event

  • Hospitality Chair: Work with guild officers and committee chairs to oversee hospitality committees; year round; attends regular guild meetings
  • Faculty Appreciation: Coordinates 3-4 events throughout the year including faculty breakfast in August, holiday event in December, and teacher appreciation week in May; meetings as needed; organize, attend or supervise events throughout the year
  • Gallery Receptions: Coordinates hospitality for 8-10 gallery receptions throughout the year; manages volunteers; hosts receptions that typicallly occur the third Thursday of each month from 5-7 p.m. at BTW
  • Booker T Angels (December):
    Represents Visual Arts Guild at annual December event where all guilds work together to host several DISD families and provide dinner, activities, music, crafts and gifts; organize online wish lists and wrapping; 1-2 planning meetings; 1 in-person event in December
  • Social: Organizes 2-3 social events for guild members including back-to-school guild meeting and social and spring event; year round; 1-2 planning meetings as needed

Communications: Coordinates social media updates, Remind posts, updates to website and newsletter distribution; familiarity or interest in learning Membership Toolkit helpful

  • Communications Chair: Work with guild officers and committee chairs to oversee membership committees; year round; attends regular guild meetings
  • Website: Uses Membership Toolkit to update the guild website; year round; few if any meetings but frequent updates to the website and coordination with social media and newsletter rep to distribute news
  • Newsletter: Uses Membership Toolkit to create a bimonthly newsletter; manages newsletter subscription list; year round; few if any meetings but distributes newsletter twice monthly
  • Reception Promotion: Works with reception committee and faculty to promote exhibits and receptions in print and social media; creates flyer for distribution at opening reception; year round; few if any meetings but supports monthly exhibits
  • Social Media: Promotes the guild and posts timely news to Instagram, Facebook and Remind; year round but few if any meetings required but ensures timely posting of relevant information

Membership: Creates and implements a membership plan; promotes membership throughout the year; provides membership reports at meetings; collects dues

  • Membership Chair: Work with guild officers and committee chairs to oversee membership committees; year round; attends regular guild meetings
  • Social: Organizes 2-3 appreciation events for platinum members; year round; planning meetings as needed

Register with VOLY

Per the school and district policy, all volunteers must register with VOLY. If you are new to VOLY your profile may take up to three days to process so please register before volunteering. If you are a returning volunteer, THANK YOU! Please check in with VOLY annually to make sure your profile is current.