S.I.F.T.: Stories in Fashion Theater

Note:  DEADLINE to Apply is September 10th! 

As an advocate of the arts for youth and an activist for global social awareness, I would like to cordially invite you and your students to the premiere of S.I.F.T.: Stories in Fashion Theater.  This is a program developed as a platform for young artists to express their concerns about world social issues.  By combining the disciplines of theater(storytelling), movement, visual arts, music AND fashion (apparel art), students are afforded the opportunity to voice their opinions of the causes and effects of the perils we face as humans in this day and time.

Traditionally, fashion has been an accessory to theater by serving in the capacity of costuming.  In SIFT programs, apparel art is highlighted as a discipline that promotes change; change in attitude, social acceptance, self-awareness, and freedom.  It is combined with other arts disciplines to serve as a catalyst to explore solutions.

Your student will witness the professional performance of “Petite Bonnes,” the story of a Moroccan teen who has been forced into domestic servitude against her will.  This is the parallel to slavery.  Raschida is verbally, physically and psychologically abused by her capturers.  Her only desire is her FREEDOM which she receives through spiritual guidance.

This one day performance and workshop occurs on Saturday, September 15th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the South Dallas Cultural Center, 3400 S. Fitzhugh Ave., Dallas, TX 75210. The day will culminate with a student performance where family & community will have the opportunity to hear the voices of the youth.  (A light breakfast and snacks will be served.  Students are welcome to bring lunches.)


Breakfast mingle


Deliberative Discussion: “How Does Art Promote Social Change?”

Think Tank: “What Global Issues Must We Be Concerned with Today?”

Workshop Sessions:

            Movement (Theater & Storytelling)

            Fashion Design/Apparel Art

            Visual Arts

            Music & Rhythm

Culmination /Rehearsal Run Through

Student Performance (Family & guests invited.)

*TEKS provided

All students should register at:


Deadline is September 10th.


For more information, please contact me at 214-938-0917 or reneemichealjones@gmail.com