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Jeremy Biggers – Artist in Residence

The Visual Arts Conservatory will have their first Alumni Artist in Residence this Spring 2019. Jeremy Biggers graduated from Booker T. in 1999 and went on to get a BFA from University of Texas at Arlington. He will give an artist talk on Wednesday Jan 23 at 12pm in the Black Box Theater. For the residency, Biggers will visit the art studios, teach master classes, and collaborate with a group of students to paint a 6′ x 6′ panel for permanent display on our campus. Visual Arts is proud and inspired to have one of our very own successful artists return to Booker T.

Jeremy Biggers. Award-Winning Creator. Problem Solver. Fine-Artist. Designer. Photographer. Film Maker. Based in Dallas, Texas.

From drawing to painting to graphic design to photography to videography, Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life.  He attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he primarily focused on expression through graphite and charcoal drawing. During his college years he cultivated his love for painting and photography, and they’ve since cemented themselves into his everyday life.  As with most artists, his work is shaped by experiences that inform his view of the world. His goal with each piece is to inspire conversation. His work mixes realism with a design aesthetic.