Website for the Visual Arts Guild, Parents' Support Organization for the Visual Arts Cluster of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Dallas, Texas


The Visual Arts Guild is pleased to be able to support our students and teachers each year through scholarships, grants, and funding for classroom supplies.

Grants:  Students may request grant money for outside enrichment activities, such as, summer programs, figure drawing class or specific art supplies for projects related to their areas of concentration. A grant application is required, and is approved by the Department Head and the Guild Board (up to $200 per student).

Scholarships:  The Visual Arts Guild awards five scholarships to eligible graduating seniors; 2016 scholarships were in the amount of $1,500 each. In order to be considered, Visual Arts seniors must have an intended, dedicated college major in one of the following areas: art, art conservation, art education or art history; and they be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours. Scholarship recipients will demonstrate—above all—the highest caliber of artistic merit, with consideration given to financial need.
Senior scholarship applications, essays and portfolios are reviewed by an outside panel of judges and are announced at the annual Senior Awards Ceremony in late May.
The recipients of the 2016 Visual Arts Guild scholarships were:
Dolores Tompkins Award – Pearson Chambers
Nancy Miller Award – Bret Akop
Patsy Eldridge Award – Nik Hermanovski
Eva Kutscheid Award – Vivie Behrens
Sylvia Licon Award – Azra Zuniga


Teacher Enrichment:  Teachers may also request grants from the Guild to cover the costs of needed classroom supplies, e.g. clay, metal working tools, paint, and to attend outside seminars or class field trips.

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